The Americas represent a place of bounty: endless varieties of beans, corn and potatoes; the origin of the avocado and tomato, let alone fruits such as mango, mamey and maracuya; what would our world be like without cacao and coffee?  Culinary traditions from pre-colombian empires, to european explorers and post-war immigrants, create a medley of inspired dishes-- this is our story, made in Los Angeles.


Our café and catering menus celebrate the flavors of the region, taking cues from each country, using local, fresh ingredients.  We are a creative team of dedicated cooks and contemporary menu planners, for all types of events.  Our food is simple and different in its un-catered presentation and promises to be inviting to all the senses. We provide a la carte or fixed price options for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our services range from group orders, individual pre-packaged meals or drop-off delivery. Contact us to learn more about our services.


The Pan-American Highway, also known as Highway 1, is a network of roads connecting nearly all of the mainland countries west of the Prime Meridian. It spans 30,000 miles — from the northernmost part of Alaska to the southernmost part of Argentina — and serves as both a literal and figurative link between the Americas.

In many ways, the Highway embodies the spirit of Panamericanism itself.
It also tells the story of Panamericana chef and founder Jessie Alexander.



First a journalist in her native New York City, Jessie was dispatched to Chilé as a correspondent in 1999. Many years —and many lives — later, her lifelong passion for food became her career. In 2009, she was living and cooking on la Isla Grande de Chiloé, the largest island of the Chiloé Archipelago, just an hour north of where the Pan-American Highway begins. As a chef, Jessie was known affectionately as la gringa, merging local flavors with the oft-requested cuisine of the United States. Her cooking became a celebration of multiculturalism, community, and pleasure, anchored by a universal staple: bread.

Chef and founder Jessie Alexander brings a lifetime of travel and cultural experience to Panamericana. Raised in the modern-day Babel that is New York City, Jessie absorbed her parents’ two greatest passions: art and food. Both, she learned, are powerful forms of cultural expression, and both are enhanced by communal experience.

The perfect marriage of art and food, bread is both the simplest pleasure and the foremost symbol of sustenance, corporal and spiritual. During Jessie’s training under master artisinal bread maker (and former sculptor) Jim Leahy of NYC’s Sullivan Street Bakery, she learned that baking is a craft, equal parts art and science, brought to life by passion. This is the sensibility she brings to her table.